Sunday, May 24, 2009

Image is Everything

Because we became so busy with the opening of the store, we fell (way) behind on the blog and are now having to back fill. We really want to document the process of opening (which is mostly self serving so bear with us) so all of this is an attempt to backlog our experience.
When we began creating our logo we found ourselves being extremely picky because we already had such a clear image of what we wanted in our heads. The perfect answer came when we stumbled across Danae Hernandez, a designer based in New Mexico who mostly does calligraphy and wedding monograms. The images above are what she developed for us, the very last two being the first ones she sent us and progressing backwards are the adjustments she made along the way. The very top is our final logo. We couldn't be happier and have already received tons of compliments. Thanks Danae!

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