Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interior Design Project

These are the preliminary design boards for a home we are currently working on downtown. We have really great clients (friends) for this job who have fantastic taste and wanted a mix of modern a rustic with an ultimate goal of brightening the space. It has been a lot of fun and we expect the results to be fabulous. Painting is underway now and the purple sofa is on it's way so we will keep you posted to the results!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Champagne and Shoes

Thanks to everyone who came out for CHAMPAGNE AND SHOES! It was a smashing success and definitely the first of many events to be held at the store.
From left:
Patent Basket Shoe in Sage: $215
Silver Snake Runway Shoe: $270
Purple Petal Flat: $155
Black Patent Sandal (available in Stone): $135
Tan Cow Wedge: $215

Second Row:
Skin Patent Basket Stiletto: $215
Pink Patent Pump: $220
Peacock Kid Stiletto: $215

In Eden Boheme Now...

In one corner of our world lives:
A World's Away Console Table: $1,449
Barbara Cosgrose Table Lamp: $379
Air Plant: $35
Etchings By Eva Armisen: $750 each
Cream "Yummy Bed Pillow": $120 each
Brock Taupe Floced Velvet Pillow: $120 each
Antique Chaise: $1549
Necklaces by Grace Alzamora: $100- $175

Any Excuse....

The story behind this? It was actually a pretty typical day in the life of living with Lucinda. We were painting and putting finishing touches on the store when she noticed 9 men in tuxes with a photographer on the sidewalk and invited them in to have photos taken on our pink couch.

Wink Wink

Clothing deliveries are starting to arrive at Eden Boheme. We adore Wink. I have been pining for the top Stella Petal dress ($330) since I first saw it. The Mia jumpsuit ($153) was my first clothing purchase through the store and I have to be careful not to wear it every day. It is adorable and comfortable. The Emmie shorts (yes shorts... $165) and Kai top ($174... it is even cuter in person complete with a bow in the back) look great together or mixed with other pieces.

Eden Boheme Finds a Home

Eden Boheme finds a home that is in a great location and in our budget!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Image is Everything

Because we became so busy with the opening of the store, we fell (way) behind on the blog and are now having to back fill. We really want to document the process of opening (which is mostly self serving so bear with us) so all of this is an attempt to backlog our experience.
When we began creating our logo we found ourselves being extremely picky because we already had such a clear image of what we wanted in our heads. The perfect answer came when we stumbled across Danae Hernandez, a designer based in New Mexico who mostly does calligraphy and wedding monograms. The images above are what she developed for us, the very last two being the first ones she sent us and progressing backwards are the adjustments she made along the way. The very top is our final logo. We couldn't be happier and have already received tons of compliments. Thanks Danae!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Naming of a Dream

Armed with the idea and the desire to open the boutique...and a deadline of June 1st....the first step was to form the LLC. And for that, all we needed was a name. We decided that since we hoped the store would become a combination of our designs, we named our individual lines first (Lucinda Eden and Anna Boheme) and combined them. The outcome: EDEN BOHEME!